*Pour yourself a glass or four.

*Type ONE ANSWER per comment.

*Write the number, type of word, and your word (i.e. #1 Noun: labia).

*Make it DIRTY.

*Make it CRUDE.

*Make it Twilight-related. (semi-optional)

*Make one of the words “taint." It's a must. The word "taint" is funny ALL THE TIME.

*Oh yeah, I know we'll be a tad bit tipsy, but try to read the other comments,
so we know what number we're on and don't have any repeats.


Friday, April 22, 2011

Bunny Hop

There will be no DML tonite Friday 4-22-11 due to the Easter holiday and the opening of the Water for Elephants movie.

Tune in next week for more DML fun!!

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