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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Into the Sunset?

On almost the first anniversary of our venture in DML as its own blog, we say... see ya later?  Well - to be honest, we don't really know what to do.  Participation is falling and the girls need a break.  So - we're taking the summer off.

We'll be back in September, but perhaps for only a once a month game.  It's all up to our players.  If we can generate enough interest again, we'll kick it into high gear.  If not, it may be the end...

I can only speak for myself, but throughout the summer, I will be up for at least an impromptu game or two.  I'll try to get the word out at least a day in advance, if not a week.  I'm sure some of the other girls will be up for a few too.  Let us know how you feel.

I know I can speak for all the hosts when I say, regardless of the future of DML, it's been a helluva ride!  Thank you to all of our players and lurkers alike!  We appreciate the good times and many many laughs!

-SV Out...


TheRugbymom said...

Lemme know whenever someone wants to play! I'm in!

TwiKiwi50 said...

I think once a month is a really good idea.

I love playing DML, but the way the timzones are right now, it's 1.30pm on a Saturday for me and I'm not often in then.

Thanks so much for all your hard work ladies, I know how much time it takes and I really appreciate your efforts.

xx Amy

jilleynwv said...

Damn! Just when I had stared playing! : ) I'd be up for playing whenever just send the word

Musing Bella said...

1 - Taint

Wait, what? No more DML?? Oh noes! I am up for playing, for sure. I'll be looking for the notices, so please @ me so I am sure to see them!!

Jaymes805 said...

Everytime Friday at 5:00 rolls around, I'm always thinking "are we doing DML this week?!?" I miss it, not gonna lie. I'm always up for a game if everyone choose to do it again. :) And I loved hosting!